Some recent Sewing

cupcake set 3

The birthday set I made for my youngest, who turned 3 last week.


I’m still figuring out this new format, so please excuse the disorganized look. I really need to just spend some time playing with everything to get the feel of it all. I have been avoiding posting anything & need to just get over it & do it already. So far, I really like how easy it is to add photos where I want them.  I also like how easy it was to change the background colors to match my storefront. Now, if I can just get my logo re-sized to fit properly, I’ll be good to go.

I’ve been doing more sewing than anything else lately & just wanted to share a couple of my recent faves.

The birthday set I made for my youngest, who turned 3 last week. The cupcake print is a European import that I’ve been saving for just the right project.  cupcake set 3

A custom applique 1st Birthday set. The pinafore is reversible & the other side is a cute cupcake print.

Retro Daisy Gracie dress made for a stocking at the Capella congo on Hyena Cart. I love this pattern, it’s the Gracie dress from Portabello Pixie & is so versatile!

Author: pinkebody

Hi! My name is April and I am a fabric junkie. I started sewing in 2006, after my second daughter was born & was instantly hooked. I started selling custom kids clothing on ebay in 2007, then moved to etsy and hyena cart. I love to create fun, unique clothing for kids of all ages. I also enjoy knitting, spinning, and gardening, when I'm not spending time with my family.

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