Orbits QAL



I’m doing my first Quilt Along & have decided to go scrappy with it. I’m using aqua as my background, but using a variety of prints instead of one.  It’s so much fun watching this come together. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with. The pattern & info is from LR Stitched . This is my first time making a “real quilt” so I’m slightly nervous about the finishing. I’ve done some small, straight line quilting in the past & recently started practicing stippling on small projects & found its not as scary as it looks LOL.  I have also found that I need an actual design wall. The makeshift wall I’m currently using  isn’t wide enough, so I need to come up with a better way soonish.



Author: pinkebody

Hi! My name is April and I am a fabric junkie. I started sewing in 2006, after my second daughter was born & was instantly hooked. I started selling custom kids clothing on ebay in 2007, then moved to etsy and hyena cart. I love to create fun, unique clothing for kids of all ages. I also enjoy knitting, spinning, and gardening, when I'm not spending time with my family.

2 thoughts on “Orbits QAL”

  1. Lookin’ Good! I have some tips on portable design walls on the cheap (other than the one you already saw, lol!) if you are interested! Lmk…

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