Sewing Mojo

I’m so glad to have my sewing mojo back! I got seriously burnt out after craft shows & customs in November/early December that I didn’t even touch my machine again until halfway through this month! That is not normal for me. I usually sew at least a little something everyday. Of course, I wasn’t NOT crafting during that time, my attention was just shifted to knitting. I knit a total 16 hats between the end of November and Christmas!! 12 were gifts for my family members plus 4 more that were customs, I even knit a chunky cowl in that time frame as well!! But, this post is about sewing, so I’ll come back to that at another time.

I, like many others, have started the year by doing a little de-stash of  the fabrics & such that I know I’m just not going to use again. You know, the prints that are leftover from a project, or that were an impulse purchase that just don’t speak to me anymore, scraps, etc. In doing so, I found a bin of t-shirts that I had purchased (and admittedly forgot about) with the intention of upcycling them into kids clothing. So, that is what I started with. I grabbed a bunch of fun coordinating knit fabrics & got to work. I even was able to put to use a few prints from my scrap bin. Score! I love to create fun clothing for kids that isn’t cookie cutter. Something that not everyone is going to be wearing.  My girls love wearing upcycles & when they outgrown a favorite t-shirt they will bring it to me to see what we can do with it. Sometimes it can be reborn into another garment & other times it goes into a bin to become a t-shirt quilt at a later date.

lala top 2 lala tunic 6 lalal dress mario


The above items were all part of my first shop update of the year.

I have also started on a quilt for my middle daughter. Again, while reorganizing the sewing room to de-stash, I found this stack of forgotten favorites. Olivia! She is a long time favorite of my girls & we love to re-read the books over & over.

005There was also a large panel of Olivia, which I turned into a giant log cabin block for the front of the quilt. I was originally just going to chop up the other prints in large segments for the back to hurry up & get it done. My 8 year old was expecting it to be finished in a couple hours, since I can make a dress that quickly. Haha, sorry kiddo, but nope. While I was laying out the fabrics, trying to figure out my backing, inspiration struck. This fabric is out of print & I need to do it more justice than what I was planning. So I started flipping through my vast collection of quilt books & found the perfect pattern. Hexagons! Not the little hand turned pieces, but large hexagons, that just so happen to be big enough to showcase the special prints on my favorite piece of yardage. So this is what I’ve got so far. I’m not sure if this will end up as one quilt or two yet. I’ll have to see how much is leftover when I’m done cutting hexagons. I am loving it so far (and so is little miss).