After taking a break from sewing for others for the past year, I have decided I love it too much to stop. I will be re-opening pinkebody in May! The exact date is not set yet, as I’m still waiting on my new labels & care tags to arrive. I recently update my logo (and love it) and have a stack of kids clothing awaiting photographs. I have been collecting super fun custom printed knits and new patterns since my last update and cannot wait to share them all with you!  Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store. I have started a group on facebook to show current available styles & fabric options.


I am also in the process of closing my yarn/fiber shop API Fiber Co. It was a very difficult decision to make, but ultimately, I had to choose one or the other and pinkebody won. Once I’m finished dyeing my current stock, I will no longer be dyeing yarn or fiber. If there are any colorway requests, please get them in asap so you don’t miss out on a favorite.



Cult Classics

As I’m preparing to dye the last skeins of my Cult Classics Yarn & fiber club, I am reviewing some of the colorways that I dyed for it. Some of my very favorite colorways to come out of my dye pots were done for this club, so it’s a little bittersweet that it is ending. But, with so many new themes dancing around my head, it was time for a change.  I may revive the Cult Classics genre in the future, as there are just so many great movies to draw inspiration from.  Here’s a sampling of what was dyed, for those that don’t follow my Ravelry group.



“Come Up To The Lab and See What’s on the  Slab”








“Project Mayhem”
project mayhem sport




“All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”sept club worsted



“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice”

beetljuice luxe dk



“What’s Your Damage?”

damage bulky



I am definitely going to miss having an excuse to re-watch my favorite Cult Classic films, but with the next round based on Alice in Wonderland, it just gives me a reason to watch & read everything related to my favorite make believe land.  For anyone wanting to follow me down the rabbit hole, the sign ups are open until the beginning of April in my etsy shop.

Sewing Mojo

I’m so glad to have my sewing mojo back! I got seriously burnt out after craft shows & customs in November/early December that I didn’t even touch my machine again until halfway through this month! That is not normal for me. I usually sew at least a little something everyday. Of course, I wasn’t NOT crafting during that time, my attention was just shifted to knitting. I knit a total 16 hats between the end of November and Christmas!! 12 were gifts for my family members plus 4 more that were customs, I even knit a chunky cowl in that time frame as well!! But, this post is about sewing, so I’ll come back to that at another time.

I, like many others, have started the year by doing a little de-stash of  the fabrics & such that I know I’m just not going to use again. You know, the prints that are leftover from a project, or that were an impulse purchase that just don’t speak to me anymore, scraps, etc. In doing so, I found a bin of t-shirts that I had purchased (and admittedly forgot about) with the intention of upcycling them into kids clothing. So, that is what I started with. I grabbed a bunch of fun coordinating knit fabrics & got to work. I even was able to put to use a few prints from my scrap bin. Score! I love to create fun clothing for kids that isn’t cookie cutter. Something that not everyone is going to be wearing.  My girls love wearing upcycles & when they outgrown a favorite t-shirt they will bring it to me to see what we can do with it. Sometimes it can be reborn into another garment & other times it goes into a bin to become a t-shirt quilt at a later date.

lala top 2 lala tunic 6 lalal dress mario


The above items were all part of my first shop update of the year.

I have also started on a quilt for my middle daughter. Again, while reorganizing the sewing room to de-stash, I found this stack of forgotten favorites. Olivia! She is a long time favorite of my girls & we love to re-read the books over & over.

005There was also a large panel of Olivia, which I turned into a giant log cabin block for the front of the quilt. I was originally just going to chop up the other prints in large segments for the back to hurry up & get it done. My 8 year old was expecting it to be finished in a couple hours, since I can make a dress that quickly. Haha, sorry kiddo, but nope. While I was laying out the fabrics, trying to figure out my backing, inspiration struck. This fabric is out of print & I need to do it more justice than what I was planning. So I started flipping through my vast collection of quilt books & found the perfect pattern. Hexagons! Not the little hand turned pieces, but large hexagons, that just so happen to be big enough to showcase the special prints on my favorite piece of yardage. So this is what I’ve got so far. I’m not sure if this will end up as one quilt or two yet. I’ll have to see how much is leftover when I’m done cutting hexagons. I am loving it so far (and so is little miss).



No Sleep Till Christmas!

It’s that time of year again where my CCD (compulsive crafting disorder) kicks in to maximum overdrive. Between craft shows, gift making & keeping up with my shops, I feel like I don’t sleep unless I drop from sheer exhaustion. But you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just love this time of year! The excitement & anticipation that is so infectious when I see “that look” on my girls little faces. You know the one. The brand new American Girl doll or toy  catalog just came in the mail & they are instantly the best of friends, pouring over it belly down on the rug. Planning their lists. Planning what to wish for. Pointing out what they think the other should ask for. Wondering if they could copy the outfit themselves, or enlist mom to do it.   My kids are like me & have crochet hooks, or a needle & thread in their little hands when they aren’t working on school work or sleeping. They love the giving part of Christmas, just as much as the getting. And that makes my heart smile.

This weekend really kick starts the beginning of  the Christmas season for us. It’s the weekend of our annual fundraising event for our local after school program. We host a bake sale & a craft/vendor event to raise money. It’s always a lot of fun (albeit a lot of work). I’ve been working like crazy trying to build up enough stock to set up a table for myself.  It’s difficult to switch to craft show mode, when I’m used to selling online. It’s a different beast altogether & I struggle with finding items at different price points that still reflect my style. So far, I’ve made a stack of bibs, a couple pair of wrist warmers, a couple hats, & some Christmas dresses. Some are also listed in my etsy shop, like the Toorie hat knit from super soft and squishy Malabrigo Twist yarn & a sweet little Gingerbread house dress. toorie

gingerbread zinnia

TDF Finish Line

This years tour is over, and though I didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped, I did make a small dent in my fiber stash.  In total, I spun 1,594 yards of yarn! Well, actually double that, because all the skeins are 2 ply!  I realized during the tour, that I really need to set aside more time for spinning. It is very relaxing & I just love the look of handspun & all the ways you can manipulate the fiber to have a different outcome.




tdf pile

Just Keep Spinning

As most of you know, le Tour de France is going on through the 27th of this month. If you are a member of Ravelry & own a spinning wheel, it is also known as le Tour de Fleece.  It’s a challenge of sorts to see who can spin the most yarn. Most of us join in simply to challenge ourselves (and to empty our fibers bins).  I joined to try to get a jump start on handspun yarn I want to use for Christmas gift making this year. I haven’t gotten as far as I’d like to, but I still have a week to catch up.

My first braid spun, was dyed by me in my Coraline colorway.



Next, was a braid of Sim Slayer from Two If By Hand

sim slayer polwarth


Third was a braid of Cathedral from Frabjous Fibers.


I have done a small fiber update in my shop for my fellow TDF spinners.

fiber collage

I also put up some new yarns…a sweater lot of a new colorway & a couple mini skein semi solid sets.


edward bloom luxe w

treadsoft rainbow


Orbits QAL



I’m doing my first Quilt Along & have decided to go scrappy with it. I’m using aqua as my background, but using a variety of prints instead of one.  It’s so much fun watching this come together. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with. The pattern & info is from LR Stitched . This is my first time making a “real quilt” so I’m slightly nervous about the finishing. I’ve done some small, straight line quilting in the past & recently started practicing stippling on small projects & found its not as scary as it looks LOL.  I have also found that I need an actual design wall. The makeshift wall I’m currently using  isn’t wide enough, so I need to come up with a better way soonish.